Risk Management

There are three things that need to be protected:

your ASSETS, your SPACE, and your PEOPLE.

We take a unique approach to protecting, evaluating and shielding against all major threats to your assets, space and people. Stone Bailey never fail to observe any detail as it can be the smallest oversights that have a colossal impact on your business.

The ultimate goal is to safeguard your company reputation; the single factor that can determine your future in the eyes of your customers, your employees and your business partners.


Safety and risk management go hand in hand.

it is a mutually beneficial synergy




Stone Bailey integrates safety and risk management into all aspects of every project We  ensure that one never impedes upon the effectiveness and successful implementation of the other.

Contrary to popular belief, Health & Safety is not an overcautious expression of the worst aspects of ‘The Nanny State’ but a valuable discipline that will help you grow stronger and healthier, with less risk and therefore less impact on your business.